The Alligator (GTR) Token

The total supply of GTR tokens is set to 700,000,000.

The token will eventually serve as a governance token for Alligator DeFi.

The exchange protocol collects a 0.05% fee from every trade on the platform and rewards it to holders of staked GTR tokens.

Token Split

Half of the token emissions will be attributed to liquidity providers, who have their liquidity pool tokens deposited in a farm.

There is a dedicated investor fund that will be used to raise funds from investors to aid in the growth of the platform. A fraction of the investor fund will also be used directly for growth and marketing purposes initially.

Token Emission

The GTR token will be minted at a fixed rate of 7.4 tokens per second, which translates to roughly 640,000 tokens per day. At this rate, the entirety of the token supply is expected to be minted within 3 years of the product launch (i.e. by December 2024).

An emission schedule lasting 3 years was chosen as we believe this is a short enough period to make token farming worthwhile, while at the same time keeping the dev team engaged and dedicated to the growth of the platform.

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