Stake Alligators

Alligator allows holders of GTR tokens to earn more GTR tokens by staking them. A 0.05% fee is collected from every trade on the platform and is attributed to staked GTR holders.

xGTR Token

Whenever you stake your GTR tokens on the platform, you receive xGTR tokens in return. As fees are collected from trading, Alligator converts those fees into GTR tokens and adds them to the pool of staked GTR tokens. In doing so, it increases the value of your xGTR tokens. Once you decide to withdraw your tokens, Alligator will return all the GTR tokens you have initially staked, as well as any additional tokens received from fees, relative to your share of the staking pool.

Staking GTR tokens

To stake your GTR tokens, go to the Stake page and enter the amount of tokens you wish to stake. If necessary, approve the trade, after which you can stake your GTR tokens by clicking the Stake button.

To withdraw your staked tokens, on the same page select the Unstake tab, enter the desired amount of xGTR tokens you wish to return and click on the Unstake button to withdraw your GTR tokens.

Note: there is no time lock on staking GTR tokens so you are able to withdraw them at any point in time.

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