To exchange tokens, select the currencies you wish to swap from the list.

The Alligator exchange supports trades between any two tokens, as long as there is enough liquidity in the pools to cover the trade. If the desired currency is not in the list, it is still possible to use it by entering its address in the search bar.

It is possible to enter either the amount of tokens you wish to trade in, or the amount of tokens you expect to receive from the trade. Alligator will automatically calculate the other side of the trade.

In case there is low liquidity in the pools relative to the size of the desired trade, the price impact of the trade will be high. If the price impact is very high, the trade will not be possible.

Depending on the input currency, it might be necessary to approve before executing the trade. If approval is needed, click on the Approve button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Once the transfer is approved, click the Swap button and verify all the trade details in the confirmation dialog.

If you are happy with the trade, click Confirm Swap and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Transaction Settings

You can adjust some parameters related to the execution of your transactions by clicking on the Settings icon.

The default slippage amount is set to 0.5% and can be changed to any value within an acceptable range.

The default timeout value is set to 60 minutes.

If either of these are set to a value other than the default, Alligator will explicitly remind you in the Swap tab.


A 0.3% fee is applied to every swap on Alligator. Liquidity providers receive 0.25% of each trade, while staked GTR holders receive 0.05%.

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