Farm Alligators

Farms provide the opportunity to earn GTR tokens on provided liquidity. If you have provided liquidity on Alligator, then you might be able to earn GTR tokens.

Alligator farms have a daily amount of 320,000 GTR tokens to distribute.

The amount of tokens distributed to each farm varies and is determined by the weight given to the respective farms.

For example, if there are two farms with weights 1 and 2, then the latter farm will receive twice as many tokens.

Deposit Tokens

To deposit Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens in a farm, head over to the Farms page and choose the relevant farm from the list. Farms that you are already participating in will be shown in the My Farms tab.

Clicking on a farm will take you to the Farm Info page, which will show you details about the farm, as well as your position. To deposit LP tokens in a farm, enter the amount of tokens you wish to deposit and click Deposit.

Note: you might need to approve the transaction before depositing your LP tokens.

Once you have deposited your LP tokens, you will start to receive your rewards. GTR tokens will accrue continuously and you will be able to claim them at any point in time. The amount entiteld to you will be shown in the top right corner of the page.

To claim your reward tokens, click on the claim button and submit your transaction.

Withdraw Tokens

If you want to withdraw your LP tokens from a farm, select the Remove Liquidity tab on the Farm Info page and click the Withdraw button.

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